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Friends -


Though we were not successful in our race for State Senate, I have so much to be grateful for – new friends and partners who are of like mind, who believe we can, and should, do better.  It was my honor to stand up to special interests and to do what is best for our children, working families, seniors, and our veterans.


Our campaign attracted diverse and broad support from elected officials, national and community organizations, labor and trade organizations, and numerous community leaders and individuals throughout the state.


I am grateful to the huge number of financial supporters who rallied around our campaign —over 1,100 individuals backed our effort.  I truly appreciate the generosity of all of our donors, large and small, and their unwavering support to our campaign.


Our field efforts were also extraordinary.  We knocked on over 46,849 doors and made over 40,000 calls. This tremendous effort exceeded our lofty projections. I want to thank all the volunteers that worked rain or shine to help get our message out.


I will always appreciate the commitment that you put into this race. Please know this is not the end of my involvement in our community.  I look forward to working with you again soon.


Sincerely Yours,

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